Steel Challenge
[Always wear eye protection]

2/3 Scale Steel Challenge Practice Set

Accelerator with 2/3 Scale Targets

Roundabout with 2/3 Scale Targets
  • A practice set of targets at 2/3 scale.
  • Includes the targets necessary to simulate all the official stages except Smoke 'n Hope.
  • Just add wood!

Advantages of 2/3 scale targets:

  • It is better to practice on more difficult targets, it improves precision and you will find yourself less intimidated at an official Steel Challenge Match.
  • Weighs half as much as full size targets, makes transportation and set-up much easier.
  • Cost MUCH less than a full size set.


  • Five 8" Spring Supported AR500 Targets
  • Two 12" x 16" Spring Supported AR500 Targets
  • Five 18" x 24" Steel Target Stands

  2/3 Scale Steel Challenge Practice Set:
(with standard Steel Target Stands)
2/3 Scale Steel Challenge Practice Set:
(with Combo Stands)