Response Engineering, Inc.
North Hampton, New Hampshire
Experts in Cord Reel Technology
We design:
  • Custom cord reels for your application, and provide prototypes, testing and sources for production manufacture.
  • Cord reels for carrying electrical power, analog or digital signals, or both.
  • Products and systems that use cord reels or associates with cord reels.
  • New cord reel products to customer specification.
Note: Many of our cord reel designs lead to new patentable technology.
We also own patent pending cord reel technology that is available for license for your application.
Electrical cord reels have been around for the better part of a century, the old fashioned brush-and-slip-ring cord reels have limitations because of their sliding contacts. Though satisfactory for shop lights and vacuum cleaners carrying 110v power, the occasional breaks in continuity while contacts slide makes this old technology unsuitable for modern electronics.
The advent of digital communications necessitated a cord reel that could maintain uninterrupted continuity throughout spool rotation avoiding the "noise" created by sliding contacts. One such need was the new digital GTE AirFone, the in-flight public telephone system installed in commercial airlines. In 1992, Response Engineering designed the first shielded cord reel that could carry digital signals and meet strict FAA guidelines for EMI/RFI emissions. These 3.5" AirFone cord reels provided the necessary uninterrupted continuity from the stationary cable to the retractable cord eliminating and were EMI/RFI shielded. This cord reel invention is documented in U.S. Patent 5,535,960.
GTE AirFone in-flight public telephone
Response Engineering designed a 2.5" cord reel capable of carrying up to 60" of retractable cable of up to 9 conductors. Like the original GTE AirFone 3.5", this 2.5" cord reel was available in EMI/RFI shielded versions for aircraft use as well as low cost versions used as security devices in retail stores. In security applications, the cord reels were installed in displays that allowed customers to handle and use electronic equipment such as cameras and cell phones. The cord reel tethered the device to the display while providing power and monitoring security sensors. Derivatives of this 2.5" cord reel are still in production and being installed in and flying on most commercial aircraft today.
Response Engineering invented a remote version of the 2.5" cord reel that allowed the cord reel to be installed at a location away from the device to which is was connected. Also EMI/RFI shielded, this version was installed in many seats of commercial airliners where space was limited. This invention used a flexible metal conduit plated on the inside with nickel to reduce friction. This invention is documented in U.S. Patent 6,495,756.
Response Engineering designed a cord reel with uninterrupted conductors that is scalable to under 30mm and could fit in cell phone chargers, headsets and USB connection devices. U.S. Patent 6,578,683.
Scalable cord reel with uninterrupted conductors
Response Engineering invents a new type of brushless cord reel that co-winds nested cables in a space saving package that is suitable for electronic devices such as AC adapters. U.S. Patent 6,702,077.
Brushless cord reel
Response Engineering integrates a docking station for portable electronics into a cord reel. U.S. Patent 6,926,130.
Cord reel docking station
Response Engineering invents a low cost sealed cord reel suitable for carrying AC power in wet or hazardous environments. A 7" cord reel can hold 15' of SJTOOW retractable cord and carry over 10A @ 115VAC. U.S. Patent 8,387,763.
Waterproof power cord reel
Response Engineering invents a completely new cord reel technology that has electrical contacts mounted on a ratchet mechanism that engage the rotating spool when the retractable cord is extended and locked in position. This extremely reliable and low cost system is suitable for high volume /low cost manufacture such as AC adapters. U.S. Patent 8,123,010.
Cord reel with electrical 
			contacts mounted on a ratchet mechanism that engages the rotating spool when the retractable 
			cord is extended and locked in position
Response Engineering continues to design and develop new cord reel technologies and inventions. If you have a need for a retractable cord in your product or system, please contact us.