CZ Scorpion EVO Carbine
Handguard Removal Socket

This is the extra deep socket you need to remove the nut that retains the handguard on the CZ Scorpion EVO Carbine. It fits over the barrel and reaches under the handguard to engage the nut. You need only a ratchet or breaker bar to remove or install the nut. Please note that this fits the carbine only, it does not fit the special double "D" nut on the Scorpion EVO pistol.

Available in 3/8" or 1/2" drive.

All steel construction, we guarantee it will do the job!

$35. Free Shipping!


To order, please send an email to:

Specify whether you would like the 3/8" drive or 1/2". I will send a paypal invoice which you can pay with your credit card. We ship within 48 hours.