Combo Stand
[Always wear eye protection]

Combination Stand

  • 18" wide and 24" deep, weighs approx. 13lbs, a very stable platform for a Target.
  • Supports a 2x4 for holding a Steel Target.
  • Has receiving tubes for 1x3" wood strapping for IDPA/USPSA or paper targets.
  • Paper target can be placed behind steel so you can see misses to diagnose problems.
  • Made from heavy welded steel (not sheetmetal).

More than just a heavy steel weldment for supporting a steel target, IDPA/USPSA target, or paper target, it can be used as a training aid by placing a paper target behind a steel target so you can see your misses. You can't fix a problem if you don't know what it is!

  Combination Stand (welded): $55. each
(Note: The welded Combination Stand is not shippable.)


The Combination Stand is STACKABLE!
A 10 stand stack is about 32" tall.

Combination Stand 1824

  • ALL the features of the Combo Stand PLUS it accommodates target frames for standard 24" wide targets such as the B27.
  • 24" wide and 24" deep, weighs approx. 15lbs, a very stable platform for a Target.

  Combination Stand 1824 (welded): $65.
(Note: The welded Combination Stand 1824 is not shippable.)